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And so it begins. I know its been awhile since I’ve updated the blog. Since graduation I have been getting all my work in order to apply for jobs. It just so happens that luck came my way and provided me and amazing opportunity. A former professor of mine mentioned to me over break, the possibility of a position at JDK Design in Burlington, Vermont. Once I returned to Vermont after Christmas I knew I had some work ahead of me applying for this job. Long story short, everything went really well and, in the end after multiple interviews, I got it! JDK is a design firm that I have looked up to since starting my graphic design education. They work with great clients like Burton Snowboards, Microsoft, Merrell shoes, and many others. But what sets them apart is that they are not just a high brow agency, they know how to have fun and how to be personal. I began on Feb 14th as part of the STAIN team, we work primarily with color applications for Merrell, Patagonia, and Chaco shoes.  Its been two weeks so far and I still have a lot to learn but that is exactly what I’m excited for, learning under extremely talented professionals in a ton of different disciplines. And… the studio is incredible. It’s located on the waterfront of Lake Champlain in a renovated 4 story industrial building. The studio includes a massive amount of work space, a skate ramp in the basement, screen printing studio, full photo studio, and much more. I’ll keep this updated with how things progress at JDK in the coming weeks!


Yet again, Chad and Zack have given me free rein to produce some posters for their national tour as LAZERDISK. These posters have been a way for me to pretty much do whatever I want and try out a lot of different styles. Above is a peek at the idea I am playing with for their official tour poster. I hope to have it finalized by the beginning to middle of next week and I will update as soon as its done.

Well that about does it for now. I’ll keep up with the postings more often.

Be well!



New Logo

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Just trying out a new variation on my logo


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And so it comes to an end. My college career is over for the time being and it is time to head out to face the real world, and I’m pretty excited/nervous to do so. Before I talk about what I would like to do now I need to show you what I have finished up in the past few weeks.

As I have been writing in recent posts I have produced a 20 page book for my Champlain College Capstone curriculum. The book entitled Perfection is a piece that shows both my graphic design and liberal arts education. It is meant as a guide for parents, guardians, guidance professionals, etc. to begin their research and knowledge on the subject of childhood challenges. The book is divided into sections according to subject matter. First, being the background and history on challenges such as ADD and ADHD. The second section is from the perspective of the medical community. This section also talks about the over medication of children in America.  Next is a section on the responsibility of a parent, guardian, and educator when dealing with solutions to these challenges. This section also talks about proposed alternatives to medication. Last is an explanation of the materials produced for marketing and advertising the book.

Over all I feel as if the project went really well. There are still a few sections that I feel need to be more rounded and concise but over all I am happy with the final result. I hope to pick this project back up in the near future and refine some of the design and content.

As for the production, I am very happy with the printing that blurb.com did on the project. The book is well constructed and spot on with color and photo quality. Below is a photo of the end result. You can also preview the entire book here.

The final book for my advanced typography class has also just been delivered from blurb.com. In this project we were given the task of typographically expressing two contrasting voices on any subject in order to have own voice expressed. I chose to show the cheap side of consumerism in America by comparing “as seen on tv” products with their not so great amazon.com reviews. Below are a few photos of the final printed book. If you would like to flip through the entire book you click here for a full preview.

Also, my final project for graphic design business is now completed. The final assignment for this class was to use the branding system that we have created throughout the semester to design an environmental layout for Evergreen Solar’s company headquarters. I chose to stick to the clean, simple and high-tech feel that I have been trying to push throughout the branding project. Below are a couple comps of the exterior of the building as well as the front reception area.

And finally, my portfolio layout and design is also complete. I will update with more of my promotional material such as my leave-behind and thank you cards once they are all printed. If you would like to check out my new resume and 2010 portfolio go to my portfolio/resume page and you can download them as pdf’s from there.

So that’s it, its all over. Champlain College has given me a great design education from professional and amazing professors. I look forward to utilizing my degree as soon as I possibly can and get out into the world of professional design. I will keep updating as I progress in my job search and continue with freelance work.

And….. check out the photos on the right from last nights show at Higher Ground. Lazerdisk had another amazing show and my design was used to create the LED back-lit sign that you can see on stage!

For now… Good afternoon, good evening and good night


Illustrator mastery

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For everyone who works in illustrator and enjoys watching nerdy sped up process videos, here is the creation of an R2D2 glow in the dark screenprint by Kevin Tong.

Things come to life

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Its starting to come closer to the time where many of my semester projects as well as freelance work is coming to life. What I mean by life is that they are no longer just designs on a screen but are being produced into the products they are intended to finally be. The photo above is a design I have finished up for a full page magazine ad for the sale and distribution of my thesis project entitled “Perfection”. These mock ads are only to show how the project would be marketed if it was to be published and distributed as an actual book. My deadline for the writing and design of the book itself is December 1st, this should give me enough time to get it to Blurb.com for printing so I can have it for the Capstone gallery presentation on the 13th.

Below are some updated screen shots of pieces of the book itself.

I have also begun another final project for my typography class. The premise of this project is to show two different pieces of dialog for the purpose of expressing our own voice between the two. Since a majority of my other projects this semester are based around serious subjects I decided that I would go a bit more light hearted with this one. The two texts that I chose are 1) the slogans from popular “As seen on TV” items, and 2) their horrible amazon.com reviews by customers who bought the product. The intention of this project is to show the ridiculousness of some consumers in the US and how quickly they will purchase any piece of crap they see on TV. The book is entitled $19.95 because that seems to be the price of choice for most “As seen on TV” items.

Below is the cover of $19.95 my final advanced typography project.

On the freelance side of things I have also been given some awesome opportunities to see pieces of my work come to life physically. Recently I was asked to work on a few comps for the design of a pair of skis. The company producing these skis is an event promotion and apparel design company called “IM PARTYING” This was the first time I have been given the opportunity to create a design with limited to no restrictions. The designs are still in the works but hopefully I can refine one down enough to be chosen for production of the ski.

This is just a part of some of the layouts for the topsheet of the skis.

Also my design collaboration with the DJ duo known as LAZERDISK PARTY SEX continues. I have just finished up a design for a lightbox sign that is being constructed for their show on December 9th. Im pretty pumped to see how it comes out and for the show itself. I’m sure that there will be a bunch of photos from the night and I will put them up as soon as I can. If you would like more information on the show check it out here.

Snapshot of the poster design for the LAZERDISK show on Dec 9th

Thats about all for now, hopefully the next post will include photos of finalized projects.

Stay well


2 months to go

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So its almost the end of October and that means that there is only two months left until I am officially a Champlain College graduate. The next two months will probably be the busiest two months I’ve had yet at school. In my future are a lot of final design touches to my portfolio, thesis project finalization, printing two blurb books, and working on some freelance work along the way.

I am pretty excited to see everything slowly come together. For the past three weeks I have been trying to compile all of my past projects and work and finalize their designs to add into my working portfolio. This is going to be a complete redesign from last years portfolio that I designed and bound myself in my digital publication class. I hope to be able to showcase some of my school projects, freelance work, and photography in a clean organized layout.

Above are just a couple of screen shots of the layout that I am working with for my portfolio.

My Champlain Capstone class is proving to be one of the largest projects that I have done here at school. Writing and designing a 20 page book is quite time consuming but I am happy with how it is turning out. So far I have finished two of the four sections. I hope to be able to have the book edited and printed by the first week in December.

Above are a couple of the spreads from my capstone project titled “Perfection”

And finally I thought I would put up some of my freelance work that I have been doing for a client that is starting up a her own business in therapy and yoga.

The loving river logo is meant to illustrate the tag line “release into flow”. I thought that using a hand rendered type as well as the half swirl would fit in with that approach. I hope to be able to add some more texture to the logo mark itself. Overall I am happy with the direction that this project is going and I think it will provide some unique pieces that will benefit my portfolio. Let me know what you think.

As for right now that is about all I have design wise that I can update with. I hope to be able to update again soon with some finalized projects and photos as well.


How ink is made…. more soothing than you would think

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I recently stumbled upon this video. Not only does it combine two of my favorite things; Design and How Its Made, but it is also really pretty relaxing to watch

Arent you a little short for a storm trooper?

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So for the past few weeks I have been working on a few new projects. School has arrived once again and this means projects on top of projects on top of more projects. So hopefully there will be a good amount of material to post in the coming weeks.

Anyway, last night was an event that I had done some design for called LAZERDISK PARTY BOAT. The night was headlined by Burlington’s own LAZERDISK PARTY SEX a dj duo comprised of Chad Bechard and Zack Johnson, also performing was DJ Craig Mitchell who always puts on an awesome set. The night went great and I got a ton of pretty good pics for everyone to check out. It was great seeing the amount of people that showed up for the event who were pumped to see these two perform. Below are just a few of the snaps from the evening.

For the rest check out my flickr photostream on the right side of this post!

Well on the design side of things I have been doing some more projects for both school and freelance. I am pretty excited about both and I hope to be able to show you some more comps as the semester progresses. I am still in the beginning stages of design right now on both school and freelance and I would much rather wait to upload some comps until I have a solid footing on where I am to go from here. I will however post some concepts for my capstone or “thesis” project for my senior year.

This is the cover concept for a book that I will be authoring and designing for my senior capstone project. The project is about the concept of the perfect child, and how in today’s society more often than not this perfect child is achieved by medication. I have been doing a lot of research on the subject and hopefully I can pull together some great resources and photos to complete this project. I also plan on designing a couple of magazine ads as well as an informational pamphlet. I will update as the project progresses.

Finally here is a poster I did up for a Dexter season premier party here tomorrow night

Stay well


New Projects

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So yet again its been awhile since I’ve updated the blog. For the past few weeks I have been trying to accumulate a good amount of projects so that I can round out my portfolio for the upcoming semester as well as for potential jobs in the future. Its been going fairly well and I have been able to utilize some great connections in order to get some projects up and running. All the projects and clients I have been working for have been awesome and the projects will be a great addition to my 2010 portfolio.

The first of the projects is the menu redesign for New World Tortilla. I have been working for New World for about 2 years now and ive always been interested doing some design work for the restaurant. I spoke with one of the owners Mike Hathaway about doing a redesign of their menus for both the Pine street location as well as the UVM Davis Center location. Menus are a daunting task because of the amount of information that has to be presented in a small amount of space. I wanted to tie the colors into the branding of the locations themselves to I used the colors from the tiles within each location. After a few revisions and talks with the owners about how they wanted their menu items represented, these are the two versions we have come up with.

Last month I was lucky enough to go with my girlfriend Lauren and her family to their amazing home in Sandy Bay, Jamaica. Sugar Hill as it is named is probably the most amazing home I’ve ever seen. The Kraus famly has done an incredible job of designing and decorating the house to fit within the Jamaican landscape. Mrs Kraus had asked me if I would work on a redesign of their current logo and come up with some branding pieces to go along with it (business card, brochure, stationary, information cards, ect.) to use when renting the house. They had been using the national bird of Jamaica as well as the national flower withing their existing logo, so all I wanted to do was illustrate this look and incorporate it into the name of the house, Sugar Hill. Above is the logo presented on a business card. There is still some work to be done on the placement of objects on the card but for now this is the design I have come up with.

I also just ordered these today. Im really pumped on finally having my own business card to utilize in future situations. Printing is being done at 4by6.com.

And lastly I just finished up another gig poster for my friend Zack Johnson who is going to be playing down at Ruben James’ on Main street in Burlington, Vermont. Head down every Tuesday night to check him out!

I think that’s all I have for now, Ill try my best to update more frequently with more projects as they come along, hope everyone is doing well!


LDPS Summer Tour 2010/I Shouldnt Be Here

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Hey its been a bit since Ive updated yet again. Just wanted to post some quick work that Ive been doing as well as a few new pics taken this weekend while helping shoot a movie for a friend of mine Ben Youngbaer. Firstly above is a tour poster that I worked on last week for LDPS (Lazer Disk Party Sex) a DJ duo out of Burlington, Vermont. The duo is comprised of DJs Pres (aka Chad Bechard) and ZJ (aka Zack Johnson). They will be taking a week long your of Marthas Vineyard starting August 9th and finishing up August 14th. If you or anyone you know is around the area or just want to check out some sweet jams going down by the beach hit that up for sure. For more information on the your check out Presmusic.com.

As I mentioned above, this weekend I helped out Ben Youngbaer on his film “I Shouldnt Be Here”. The film is also being shot by the talented Lauren Kraus who is the acting Director of Photography on the film. I know nothing about the ins and outs of what it takes to shoot a film and it was really interesting tagging along. There were a few location shoots both at a grocery store as well as at a corn maze outside of Montpelier, Vermont. The corn maze was great and we got the full run of the place because its not scheduled to open for another couple of weeks. Below are just a few pics that I shot while at the maze. We also happened to acquire a kitten after the days shoot was done, he just walked out of the corn and wouldn’t leave us alone for the rest of the afternoon. Hes a great kitten and so Lauren took him back home with her to be the newest member of her fam. After much thought he is now called James.

This is James!

Hope all is well