LDPS Summer Tour 2010/I Shouldnt Be Here

Hey its been a bit since Ive updated yet again. Just wanted to post some quick work that Ive been doing as well as a few new pics taken this weekend while helping shoot a movie for a friend of mine Ben Youngbaer. Firstly above is a tour poster that I worked on last week for LDPS (Lazer Disk Party Sex) a DJ duo out of Burlington, Vermont. The duo is comprised of DJs Pres (aka Chad Bechard) and ZJ (aka Zack Johnson). They will be taking a week long your of Marthas Vineyard starting August 9th and finishing up August 14th. If you or anyone you know is around the area or just want to check out some sweet jams going down by the beach hit that up for sure. For more information on the your check out Presmusic.com.

As I mentioned above, this weekend I helped out Ben Youngbaer on his film “I Shouldnt Be Here”. The film is also being shot by the talented Lauren Kraus who is the acting Director of Photography on the film. I know nothing about the ins and outs of what it takes to shoot a film and it was really interesting tagging along. There were a few location shoots both at a grocery store as well as at a corn maze outside of Montpelier, Vermont. The corn maze was great and we got the full run of the place because its not scheduled to open for another couple of weeks. Below are just a few pics that I shot while at the maze. We also happened to acquire a kitten after the days shoot was done, he just walked out of the corn and wouldn’t leave us alone for the rest of the afternoon. Hes a great kitten and so Lauren took him back home with her to be the newest member of her fam. After much thought he is now called James.

This is James!

Hope all is well


~ by jfranklin7588 on July 20, 2010.

One Response to “LDPS Summer Tour 2010/I Shouldnt Be Here”

  1. Beautiful , colorful pictures! I guess James is my new grandkitty!
    Jamaica here we come!

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