Things come to life

Its starting to come closer to the time where many of my semester projects as well as freelance work is coming to life. What I mean by life is that they are no longer just designs on a screen but are being produced into the products they are intended to finally be. The photo above is a design I have finished up for a full page magazine ad for the sale and distribution of my thesis project entitled “Perfection”. These mock ads are only to show how the project would be marketed if it was to be published and distributed as an actual book. My deadline for the writing and design of the book itself is December 1st, this should give me enough time to get it to for printing so I can have it for the Capstone gallery presentation on the 13th.

Below are some updated screen shots of pieces of the book itself.

I have also begun another final project for my typography class. The premise of this project is to show two different pieces of dialog for the purpose of expressing our own voice between the two. Since a majority of my other projects this semester are based around serious subjects I decided that I would go a bit more light hearted with this one. The two texts that I chose are 1) the slogans from popular “As seen on TV” items, and 2) their horrible reviews by customers who bought the product. The intention of this project is to show the ridiculousness of some consumers in the US and how quickly they will purchase any piece of crap they see on TV. The book is entitled $19.95 because that seems to be the price of choice for most “As seen on TV” items.

Below is the cover of $19.95 my final advanced typography project.

On the freelance side of things I have also been given some awesome opportunities to see pieces of my work come to life physically. Recently I was asked to work on a few comps for the design of a pair of skis. The company producing these skis is an event promotion and apparel design company called “IM PARTYING” This was the first time I have been given the opportunity to create a design with limited to no restrictions. The designs are still in the works but hopefully I can refine one down enough to be chosen for production of the ski.

This is just a part of some of the layouts for the topsheet of the skis.

Also my design collaboration with the DJ duo known as LAZERDISK PARTY SEX continues. I have just finished up a design for a lightbox sign that is being constructed for their show on December 9th. Im pretty pumped to see how it comes out and for the show itself. I’m sure that there will be a bunch of photos from the night and I will put them up as soon as I can. If you would like more information on the show check it out here.

Snapshot of the poster design for the LAZERDISK show on Dec 9th

Thats about all for now, hopefully the next post will include photos of finalized projects.

Stay well


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