And so it comes to an end. My college career is over for the time being and it is time to head out to face the real world, and I’m pretty excited/nervous to do so. Before I talk about what I would like to do now I need to show you what I have finished up in the past few weeks.

As I have been writing in recent posts I have produced a 20 page book for my Champlain College Capstone curriculum. The book entitled Perfection is a piece that shows both my graphic design and liberal arts education. It is meant as a guide for parents, guardians, guidance professionals, etc. to begin their research and knowledge on the subject of childhood challenges. The book is divided into sections according to subject matter. First, being the background and history on challenges such as ADD and ADHD. The second section is from the perspective of the medical community. This section also talks about the over medication of children in America.  Next is a section on the responsibility of a parent, guardian, and educator when dealing with solutions to these challenges. This section also talks about proposed alternatives to medication. Last is an explanation of the materials produced for marketing and advertising the book.

Over all I feel as if the project went really well. There are still a few sections that I feel need to be more rounded and concise but over all I am happy with the final result. I hope to pick this project back up in the near future and refine some of the design and content.

As for the production, I am very happy with the printing that did on the project. The book is well constructed and spot on with color and photo quality. Below is a photo of the end result. You can also preview the entire book here.

The final book for my advanced typography class has also just been delivered from In this project we were given the task of typographically expressing two contrasting voices on any subject in order to have own voice expressed. I chose to show the cheap side of consumerism in America by comparing “as seen on tv” products with their not so great reviews. Below are a few photos of the final printed book. If you would like to flip through the entire book you click here for a full preview.

Also, my final project for graphic design business is now completed. The final assignment for this class was to use the branding system that we have created throughout the semester to design an environmental layout for Evergreen Solar’s company headquarters. I chose to stick to the clean, simple and high-tech feel that I have been trying to push throughout the branding project. Below are a couple comps of the exterior of the building as well as the front reception area.

And finally, my portfolio layout and design is also complete. I will update with more of my promotional material such as my leave-behind and thank you cards once they are all printed. If you would like to check out my new resume and 2010 portfolio go to my portfolio/resume page and you can download them as pdf’s from there.

So that’s it, its all over. Champlain College has given me a great design education from professional and amazing professors. I look forward to utilizing my degree as soon as I possibly can and get out into the world of professional design. I will keep updating as I progress in my job search and continue with freelance work.

And….. check out the photos on the right from last nights show at Higher Ground. Lazerdisk had another amazing show and my design was used to create the LED back-lit sign that you can see on stage!

For now… Good afternoon, good evening and good night


~ by jfranklin7588 on December 11, 2010.

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