Arent you a little short for a storm trooper?

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So for the past few weeks I have been working on a few new projects. School has arrived once again and this means projects on top of projects on top of more projects. So hopefully there will be a good amount of material to post in the coming weeks.

Anyway, last night was an event that I had done some design for called LAZERDISK PARTY BOAT. The night was headlined by Burlington’s own LAZERDISK PARTY SEX a dj duo comprised of Chad Bechard and Zack Johnson, also performing was DJ Craig Mitchell who always puts on an awesome set. The night went great and I got a ton of pretty good pics for everyone to check out. It was great seeing the amount of people that showed up for the event who were pumped to see these two perform. Below are just a few of the snaps from the evening.

For the rest check out my flickr photostream on the right side of this post!

Well on the design side of things I have been doing some more projects for both school and freelance. I am pretty excited about both and I hope to be able to show you some more comps as the semester progresses. I am still in the beginning stages of design right now on both school and freelance and I would much rather wait to upload some comps until I have a solid footing on where I am to go from here. I will however post some concepts for my capstone or “thesis” project for my senior year.

This is the cover concept for a book that I will be authoring and designing for my senior capstone project. The project is about the concept of the perfect child, and how in today’s society more often than not this perfect child is achieved by medication. I have been doing a lot of research on the subject and hopefully I can pull together some great resources and photos to complete this project. I also plan on designing a couple of magazine ads as well as an informational pamphlet. I will update as the project progresses.

Finally here is a poster I did up for a Dexter season premier party here tomorrow night

Stay well


New Projects

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So yet again its been awhile since I’ve updated the blog. For the past few weeks I have been trying to accumulate a good amount of projects so that I can round out my portfolio for the upcoming semester as well as for potential jobs in the future. Its been going fairly well and I have been able to utilize some great connections in order to get some projects up and running. All the projects and clients I have been working for have been awesome and the projects will be a great addition to my 2010 portfolio.

The first of the projects is the menu redesign for New World Tortilla. I have been working for New World for about 2 years now and ive always been interested doing some design work for the restaurant. I spoke with one of the owners Mike Hathaway about doing a redesign of their menus for both the Pine street location as well as the UVM Davis Center location. Menus are a daunting task because of the amount of information that has to be presented in a small amount of space. I wanted to tie the colors into the branding of the locations themselves to I used the colors from the tiles within each location. After a few revisions and talks with the owners about how they wanted their menu items represented, these are the two versions we have come up with.

Last month I was lucky enough to go with my girlfriend Lauren and her family to their amazing home in Sandy Bay, Jamaica. Sugar Hill as it is named is probably the most amazing home I’ve ever seen. The Kraus famly has done an incredible job of designing and decorating the house to fit within the Jamaican landscape. Mrs Kraus had asked me if I would work on a redesign of their current logo and come up with some branding pieces to go along with it (business card, brochure, stationary, information cards, ect.) to use when renting the house. They had been using the national bird of Jamaica as well as the national flower withing their existing logo, so all I wanted to do was illustrate this look and incorporate it into the name of the house, Sugar Hill. Above is the logo presented on a business card. There is still some work to be done on the placement of objects on the card but for now this is the design I have come up with.

I also just ordered these today. Im really pumped on finally having my own business card to utilize in future situations. Printing is being done at

And lastly I just finished up another gig poster for my friend Zack Johnson who is going to be playing down at Ruben James’ on Main street in Burlington, Vermont. Head down every Tuesday night to check him out!

I think that’s all I have for now, Ill try my best to update more frequently with more projects as they come along, hope everyone is doing well!


LDPS Summer Tour 2010/I Shouldnt Be Here

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Hey its been a bit since Ive updated yet again. Just wanted to post some quick work that Ive been doing as well as a few new pics taken this weekend while helping shoot a movie for a friend of mine Ben Youngbaer. Firstly above is a tour poster that I worked on last week for LDPS (Lazer Disk Party Sex) a DJ duo out of Burlington, Vermont. The duo is comprised of DJs Pres (aka Chad Bechard) and ZJ (aka Zack Johnson). They will be taking a week long your of Marthas Vineyard starting August 9th and finishing up August 14th. If you or anyone you know is around the area or just want to check out some sweet jams going down by the beach hit that up for sure. For more information on the your check out

As I mentioned above, this weekend I helped out Ben Youngbaer on his film “I Shouldnt Be Here”. The film is also being shot by the talented Lauren Kraus who is the acting Director of Photography on the film. I know nothing about the ins and outs of what it takes to shoot a film and it was really interesting tagging along. There were a few location shoots both at a grocery store as well as at a corn maze outside of Montpelier, Vermont. The corn maze was great and we got the full run of the place because its not scheduled to open for another couple of weeks. Below are just a few pics that I shot while at the maze. We also happened to acquire a kitten after the days shoot was done, he just walked out of the corn and wouldn’t leave us alone for the rest of the afternoon. Hes a great kitten and so Lauren took him back home with her to be the newest member of her fam. After much thought he is now called James.

This is James!

Hope all is well


New Work

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Working on the design for the new blog for The Lab, a music production and DJ school in Burlington Vermont. Working along side Tony Libera. Should be a great project, Ill update as we get going further.


Europe 2010 #5

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Im really going pretty slowly with the continuation of this series, I wanted it all to be done within a couple weeks of being back but it seems as if that isnt going to happen. Hopefully before the end of July Ill have the whole trip up here and on flickr.

And so we continue from Athens to the Greek island of Mykonos which is part of the Hellenic island chain. Mykonos is about a 5 hour ferry ride from the port of Pireaus (about 20 outside of Athens). After our day at the Temple of Poseidon we headed to the port to get aboard Blue Star ferries Ithaki. Once we arrived at the port we had to maze our way through lines and lines of cars and passengers trying to get aboard one of the 5 huge ferries that were departing from the port all within 20 min of each other. Once on the boat it was a smooth ride from the port to Mykonos. Once you arrive in Mykonos the first thing you see are a horde of hotel employees all screaming different names of their respective hotels trying to get their passengers into cars and out of there. Since our hotel didnt pick us up it was a bit of task to try and find a taxi to finally get us to our hotel. The hotel we stayed at was on Ornos beach which is one of the small beaches on the island but it was good to be away from the more touristy beaches.

Probably the most exciting part of our stay on Mykonos was renting our sickkkk ATV (The Haus). Right next to our hotel was a rental shop where you could get mopeds and ATV’s to jet around the island on. We thought that it would be safer to get an ATV that way we could take it onto the beaches as well. I would highly recommend anyone who travels to Mykonos to rent one, it is a great way to get around this small island and it was only 30 Euro for 2 days.

Pictured above is Dugg. He seems to hang out in the same spot everyday along the beach on the pathway what leads you into the small Old port of Mykonos. Mykonos is divided into two ports. The new port is where all of the ferries and the cruise ships dock and the old port is where most of the local fisherman and some smaller ferries go in and out of. The old port is also where little Venice is located which is a network of small winding alleyways that were built on the island to confuse pirates as they pillaged among the Mediterranean sea. Mykonos is full of white washed stone buildings lining these narrow alleys with small shops selling artowork, food, jewlery, a huge number of restaurants.

For most of our trip to Mykonos there was a lot of just hanging out. We traveled to a secluded beach that I was told was where all of the locals went to get away from the tourist crowded beaches on the other parts of the island. We took The Haus along the gravel rock road that led us to a cove behind another inlet into the island. There were probably about 15 or 20 people already there. The beach was great and the water was even better. For the remainder of our stay on the island we rode The Haus around exploring and eating along the way. Out of the two Greek islands that we visited (Mykonos and Santorini), I would choose Mykonos over Santorini. For the one main reason that it is smaller and I like the town of Mykonos over that of the capital city of Fira on Santorini.

More to come on the Greek island travels soon! Check out my flickr page for more pictures from the trip.


Europe 2010 #4

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Id hoped to write a post a day and get the whole trip up on the blog within the first week back but that didnt seem to happen. So Ill continue to update as regularly as I can now that Im back in Burlington.

So Athens continues… The next day after visiting the church upon a hill we ventured outside of Athens and to a smaller town on the ocean called Sounio where there is another famous ancient ruin known as the Temple of Poseidon. This spot had been recommended to us by a number of different people as well as travel blogs. The temple sits upon a cliff that over looks the Mediterranean sea.

That morning we boarded an orange coach bus that took us on about an hour and a half ride winding in throughout small towns along the coast. If you are prone to car sickness this bus ride might now be the best ride for you. The roads that took us there are winding and narrow, but the views from the bus are awesome as you move along the coastline. Once we arrived at the temple we discovered a strange animal that seems to inhabit the area. They look like chickens but are slightly different colored and are everywhere.

Thanks to some tourist who seemed to be from the southern part of the US they are now dubbed prairie chickens. They run all around the small cafe and restaurant that is part of the historical site. After hanging out with the chickens for a little bit we moved up to the temple itself. The temple is sort of like the Pantheon in that it is built upon a base and is primarily made up of ionic columns. There is not a whole lot left of the building, but what is left is in good condition. The site is awesome to be at because of its location alone. The temple was constructed on top of a steep peninsula that looks out over the sea. The day we went was perfect weather and we both got some great pics of the site.

There is large crowd of people that make the trip the temple everyday, and there are also guides that will tell you about the history of the site and what exactly you are looking at. We just kind of took it all in. There is only so much time that you can spend looking at columns and ruins to after about an hour milling around and snapping photos at the top we moved back down and walked along the road that led us up to the site. On our way back down we stopped into one of the abandoned hotels that line the road. It seems like Sounio used to be much more a bustling tourist area than it is today and there are remnants of some of the older hotels and motels along the road. We went through a couple of them taking pictures of the abandoned buildings and modern ruins.

After our adventures among the motel ruins we caught up with the bust farther down the road and headed back to Athens. That afternoon we went back into town to look for one of the local legends of the city. Stavros Melissino is known as the poet sandal maker. He is originally from the US and has a Degree from the New School in New York for design. His sandals have been worn by The Beatles, Jackie O, and Barbara Streisand. When we got to his store I was amazed at the amount of sandals that one small place could fit. Stavros is no longer the makers of all these works of art but rather his son has taken over the family business. I picked out a pair and was custom fitted to them. Once you select a pair you are taken to the workbench and they are fitted to the exact size of your foot and then the straps are nailed into place. Sadly I didnt take any pictures inside the store because my camera had ran out of battery. But here is the link to the website where you can check out Stavros’s story as well as the sandals that he makes.

The next day we had to move on to our next location Mykonos one of the greek islands that is about a 5 hour ferry ride from the coastal town of Pireas. The next post will have pics of Mykonos and Santorini.

Hope your enjoying your June


Europe 2010 #3

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The third leg of the European journey was a short flight from Vienna to Athens, Greece. I wasn’t really sure what to anticipate going to Athens. Recently there had been much news surrounding the riots and crime that was occurring in the city due to the financial crisis with government employees. I was also eager to see where our hostel was as well because it was rated as one of the top hostels in all of Europe and boasted incredible views of the Acropolis. We got off our flight and it was 85 and hottt. It was about a 45 minute subway ride from the airport to the stop that our hostel was close too. Athens Backpackers Hostel is one of the larger hostels that we stayed in during the trip. Our six bed room was full all three night that we were there and it was only about two blocks form the Acropolis site.

The first day there we decided to head right out and check out the Acropolis because it was so close to the hostel. I had no idea that the site of the Acropolis was so complex and was made up of some many different areas. The first thing you might notice once you get to Greece are the huge amount of stray animals, both cats and dogs. Once we got to the Acropolis park we were greeted by 5 or 6 different cats just hanging around the ruins and statues. After hangin with the ruin cats for a bit we went up the trail and came upon the theater or Dionysis. The amphitheater as once the site of many meetings, plays, and festivals in the Acropolis area. It was awesome to be able to sit among such an ancient piece of history.

From the theater we moved up along the trail and finally made it to the top of the rock. The Pantheon is a pretty incredible site to see. Its one of the most photographed buildings in history as well as one of the oldest still standing. There is still quite a bit of reconstruction going on on the site so the scaffolding kind of takes away from the appeal of the building, but none the less it was still amazing to be there. Also the views from the top of the Acropolis are some of the best in all of Athens. From there you can see just how densely packed the city really is. We hung out on top for about and hour and took in the whole spot.

Coming down from the Acropolis we decided to head toward the famous Plaka for dinner. The plaka is one of the more touristy areas of Athens and consists of small alleyways and restaurants packed with people all eating just about the same thing. Dinner consists of a few staple ingredients, Greek yogurt, bread, wine, lamb or chicken, pita, and a array of sauces. Walking through the plaka is like walking in some sort of gauntlet with dozens of people trying to vie for your attention. As you walk you be bombarded with street vendors and restaurant employees all trying to sell you on coming to their location. After the first walk through we gave in and ate at one of the larger restaurants on the plaka to have a classic Greek dinner. For the most part Greek food is great, but it is not something that I can eat day after day I have decided. By the time I left Greece I was content with Greek food for quite awhile.

Another great spot to check out is called Monastiraki square. It is an easy spot to get to off of the metro line and is the in the heart of the market life in downtown Athens. Once you step off the metro you are immediately opened up to a large open square surrounded by a few different alleyways to check out.  We spent most of the morning snaking our way around the back alleys of the area passing by dozens of shops selling everything from clothes, pottery, sandals (leather sandals are huge in Athens), and jewlery. There are also tons of street vendors selling home made jewelery.

Later that afternoon we heard recommendations to visit this church on a hill that looks over the entire city. Lycabettus Hill is part of what seems to be a city park. There are two ways to get to the top. You can either walk up the winding trail that takes about 20 to 30 min or you can take the cable car that leaves every 30 min from the bottom of the hill. We decided that we would hit up the cable car. Once at the top you can see in my opinion the best view of Athens. there is a 360 view of the entire city including a great view of the Acropolis. There is also a pretty good restaurant that we decided to try. Its a small spot to hanging around for more than a couple hours would get a bit boring but the views are absolutely the best part.

There are a lot more places in Athens still to talk about so I’m going to break this part into two pieces and talk about the rest in the next post. Also still trying to get more pics up on flickr!